GZ-BASEL 2020 25 - 29 September * specification of the conditions


All options include the following:

● Assistance during hanging and packing for return.

● Pricing and sales service (commission 10 %)

● Private view / Inauguration

● Wide local and virtual PR by means of advertising, flyers, posters and press communication.

General conditions:

* Delivery of artworks: By artist or transport service for artist, organized by artist. The artists are responsible for delivering and depicting artworks by time and for all costs in regard to transport and storage.

* Due to the actual circumstances related the COVID 19 crises, also copies of artworks may be considered. * Only high quality printed works on photographic paper or similar will be accepted. (GaleriaZero may be helpfull printing the works) *Copies of works (if not picked up by the artist) will be destroyed after the exhibition.

* If an artwork is sold, GaleriaZero will charge 10 % commission.

* The selection of artists is definite and no changes are possible once signed the exhibition agreement.

* Not sold work has to be depicted by the artist or a transport service (courier), not collected work will be stored at storage companies at costs of the artist. Due to the fact that Galeriazero is exhibiting worldwide, GZ has no opportunity and space for collecting artworks. Note that GZ can be helpful within limits to wrap artworks. If no other possibility is given GZ has the right to charge for packaging of big artworks, however, no transport organisation can be done as it is the artist‘s responsibility.Copyright: The copyright in all work accepted for exhibition will remain the property of the artist. Please note that GZ will have the right of free reproduction of all works submitted for all catalogues, posters, DVDs, postcards, GZ website and other promotional sites and materials.

* Personal data: Due to the fact of registration, personal data is supplied on the internet site of GZ or in written form. GZ will store them securely and not provide to third parties. Personal data will be only used in the context of the exhibition and its promotion as well other promoting steps. All dates will be destroyed 3 months after the exhibition.

* The organizer will not reimburse any expense contracted by the exhibitor with a third party in regard to the participation in the exhibition. If an exhibitor or the organizer cancels the exhibition due to unforeseen circumstances, any amount engaged will convert in an open account in favor of the artist valid for a similar event. No reimburse rights will be provided by Galeriazero.

* The payment of exhibition costs will be completed after receiving the related invoice. Payment can be done in any currency by PayPal ,credit card or bank transference.

* The artwork has to be prepared for hanging and in exhibition condition.

* The exhibitor guarantees the authenticity of the works to be sold. All works must be for sale. The exhibitor calculates the prices which must be within the reasonable and approved by GZ. In case the exhibitor would provide incorrect information during the application process, the people in charge and cooperators of GZ reserve the right to cancel the participation of the exhibitor. Registration/ submission fees will not be reimbursed. Any participation at the fairs, venues or galleries is considered as a definitive consent to participate in the intended exhibition.

* The exhibitor will try to attend personally his exhibition.

* The room / space setup on the booth must fit in within the curation concept of the exhibition space. All rights for curation are reserved by GZ.

* The present contract must be signed by the exhibitor. It will be countersigned by the organizer who will attribute the exhibition or booth.

* By signature of the contract, the exhibitor accepts to respect the rules and laws of the country of exposure and specially the legal conditions of The Netherlands as being GZ a dutch company.

* Artists who submit artwork to GZ shall indemnify and keep indemnified GZ against any actions, claims, proceedings, liabilities,losses, charges and costs as well as expenses, which GZ may incur arising out or in connection with any actual or alleged financial or contractual arrangements between the artist and any agent (other than GZ) or any third party.

* GZ reserves the right to disqualify any artwork from exhibition and promoting if the artist failed to adhere to the rules of this contract. In this case no refunding of payments can be accepted by GZ. * The organizer and exhibitor consents to follow the aforementioned conditions. 

* The organizer will not be responsible for any kind of damages, destruction, theft, loss of artwork, material of the exhibitor. We strongly advise exhibitors to make assurance arrangements, in particular for artwork and transports. The exhibitor and its insurers renounce any complaint against the organizer (GZ) for theft, loss, damages, during the event against the lessors, agents, employees or persons linked to the organization of GZ

* This event will be realized June 2021 in the Basel Art Center hall, Riehentorstrasse 31 / 33, 4058 Basel, Switzerland. * The show is organized and curated by GaleriaZero, Kamer 52, Zandheuvel 52 b, 4901 HW, Oosterhout,The Netherlands. 

*Register Chamber of Commerce NL: 34322694